DIY Paper Boxes


Hello everyone! I’ve recently learned how to make theese super adorable, easy paper boxes, and thought I’d share it with you today!


You will need 8 pieces of paper, all square and the same size. They can all be different patterns, or the same, whatever you prefer. 4 of the pieces will be for the lid, 4 for the bottom.

The Lid:


1.) Fold one of the pieces of paper in half twice, so the creases form an x.


2.) Then fold one of the corners to the center, just like if you were making a fortune teller.


3.) Fold that in half so you have a shape that looks like this. I’ve labeled the corners so the next few steps will be easier.


4.) Fold corner #1 down onto corner #4 and crease.


5.) Then, fold corner #3 until it is in line with corner #4, but only crease until the line that we made during step four.


6.) While still holding that crease, pull your top corner downward. I know this step is confusing and a little hard to explain, but if you dont understand, the pictures will help. This is the shape you should end up with. Do this to the other 3 pieces needed for the lid.


7.) When all 4 sides are completed, insert the pointed end of one side into the flap on another. Do this with the other pieces as well.  Your end result should look like this:


The Bottom:


1.) Fold the paper so that 4 squares are formed.


2.) Fold in one corner, leaving a small gap so it doesnt completely touch the center.



3.) Fold the left side over, again leaving a small gap between the fold and center line.


4.) Fold corner #1 over until it is line with corner #4 and #5.


5.) From there, fold the triange formed after the crease under, resulting in a shape like this.


6.) To put them together, its essentially the same as the lid, putting the corners of one into the flap of the other. It should look like this:



I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know in the comments what you think. Until Monday!