A-Z Song Favorites

Hello everybody! I know its been a while since i’ve posted, but as school slows down I will be back to my regular writing scedule. I’ve seen people doing theese a-z posts, and thought they were super cool, so decided to do one of my own.  This post also happens to be a collab with my friend Maddie from http://www.sundaysaresunny.com/, so when you finish reading, head on over and check out her a-z song picks! Some songs start with “the’ or “A”, but I just counted the first letter of the second word instead.

A- Air for Free (Relient K)

B- Bend and Break(Keane)

C- Cold Cold Cold (Cage the Elephant)

D- Dani California (Red Hot Chili Peppers)

E- Emperor’s New Clothes (Panic!At the Disco)

F- False Alarm( The Head and The Heart)

G- Gold (Vinyl Theatre)

H- Hello Hurricane (Switchfoot)

I- I got You (Jack Johnson)

J-Johnny Boy (Twenty One Pilots)

K- Killer Whales (Smallpools)

L- A Lovely Night(La La Land, Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

M- My Body (Young the Giant)

N-Never My Love (LIsten to The Association first, then The cover by Knox Hamilton)

O-Oh Love (Green Day)

P-  Patience(The Lumineers)

Q- Go Quietly (Yes, I realize this starts with G, but I was runnig out of ideas, so we are going with it)

R- Run (Foo Fighteres)

S- Such Great Heights (The Postal service)

T- Trees (Twenty One Pilots)

U- Unbelievers( Vampire Weekend)

V- Vines (Hippo Campus)

W- Waiting(Lalo)

X- X&Y(Coldplay)

Y- You & I (Colony House)

Z-Zooropa (u2)



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