Tea: The Cure to all of your Problems


I don’t know why everyone talks about coffee so much these days.Tea is the way to go. Tea is the perfect start to my day. I love the feeling of the warm cup in my hands and the relaxation and thought it ensues.

“Tea, tea a wonderful drink, the more you have the more you think, the more you think the more you write, so lets drink tea all day and night.”

-Daniel Dalton

Along with the amazing taste, tea has several health benefits, both mental and physical.

  • Full of Antioxidants- One of the major appeals of tea is the huge amount of antioxidants it contains. Antioxidants protect the body from harmful molecules, and overall are thought to prevent cancer and other diseases.
  • Helps with weight loss- One of the above mentioned antioxidants in tea is Epigallocatechin Gallete, which is proven to boost metabolism. Also, certain types of tea have just enough caffeine so it’s not bad for you, but does aid in the burning of fat. Plus, tea (depending on what is added) has fewer calories than other drinks.
  • Very Calming- Tea consists of theanine, which is proven to help people feel cam, but without causing a tired or drowsy feeling. This is perfect in the morning, to help soothe and ready you for the day ahead.
  • Tea Boosts Memory- Studies have shown that tea can improve the connectivity from your frontal and parietal cortex, which can help memory.
  • Increase energy and mental focus- Tea, specifically green tea, uses the combination of caffeine and theanine to increase concentration. I highly recommend this when studying, as it can improve your alertness, mood, and focus.

The benefits of tea are extremely helpful, whether you are studying for a test, preparing for your day, or just need to relax. Although you may be a coffee person, I urge you to give tea a try! The taste and wellness perks combined make for an amazing drink.

Comment below what your favorite kind of tea is!


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