Balancing The Books

Surviving High School #1

High School can be overwhelming, and sadly, despite what High School Musical suggests, it’s not all singing and dancing.  The workload in high school is much bigger than that of Junior High, and I, now an expert with one year of high school under my belt (I know, so many), have a few tips you might find helpful for balancing your schoolwork.

1.)Purchase A Planner
My planner is one of the most important things I have in my backpack. I’ve tried just remembering all my assignments, but with so many things going on, I would usually forget homework for certain classes.  The best way to go is a planner, where you can clearly lay out each assignment along with its due date. My planner is what keeps me on track, and without it I most likely wouldn’t turn in half of my assignments.

2.) Actually Study
In Junior High, I got by with grades without ever having to study too hard for a test. This all changed within the first week of high school. My suggestion to you, if you are not in high school right now, start studying. Even if you don’t necessarily need to study, getting in the habit now will really help you in the future.  For me, someone who had never studied very much, the transition to high school was all the more difficult, as studying is necessary to pass.

Tips For Studying and Memorization

1.) Put away your phone
I know, I know, extremely difficult.  But as long as your phone is in the room, your attention is not fully on the work. It will also take much longer to study, because half the time you intended to spend learning will be spent on your device. Putting it in another room for just a little while will increase the information you retain, and decrease the time it takes to do so.

2.) Find a good study setting
Your surroundings influence how well you study. I, for one, cannot have a cluttered and disorganized area around me while I study. (Ironically, my room usually fits that description perfectly) Find what works best for you, whether it’s your room, or even outside.

3.) Turn the Info into a Song/Saying
I have passed many quizzes using this method. Taking the word you need to remember and associating it with other things is an extremely easy way to remember something. It doesn’t have to make sense, as long as you can remember it.

4.) Flashcards
Flashcards are one of the most traditional methods of studying, and you might already use them. The repetition drills both the definition and term into your brain, so when taking a test you know it right away. If you don’t enjoy writing out flashcards, you can find pre made study sets or make your own on the app Quizlet. However, writing the terms out will also help you remember the term more.

5.) Study with friends
If your school offers a study hall, this is a great time to work with classmates. It is extremely helpful to study with friends, because you can quiz each other, and come up with questions that wouldn’t occur to you on your own. Not to mention, it’s much more fun and less stressful when you are with others.

These are methods that I, through much trial and error have found to work for me. They are not foolproof, and your preferences might be different than mine. I hope you found at least one of these tips helpful, and will use them to further your academic success.


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